Gym Workout Plan for Beginner

This article is going to be very useful if you are hitting the gym for the first time or resuming your workout after a long break. In order to get your body warmed up and still not feel too much soreness, you need to balance out both – workout days and rest days in the same week. Here is a gym workout plan for beginner which is made for four weeks. By following the work out along with apt diet, you can expect quick results. Following this workout schedule will definitely improve your sleep cycle and recover the metabolism your body naturally had.

All in One (Week 1)

In the initial week, you need to train and mobilise all the muscles in your body. Hence this week in gym workout plan for beginner is called a body split or all in one. You will have to alternate the entire seven days with full body exercises and rest day so that your body gets a good amount of flexibility but on the other hand, your body doesn’t get too sore. You will need to do exercises such as dumbbell bench press, lat pulldown, overhead dumbbell press, leg press, leg curl, biceps curl, crunches and calf raise in three reps to exercise the whole body. Repeat these exercises on the third, fifth and seventh day of the week. On the remaining days, you can rest.

Body Split (Week 2)

Now, that your body has loosened up, you can start training the different body parts on the different days of the week.  With a two-day workout split. This means your entire body will be trained a span of two days by covering different parts of the body. First-day upper body withthe barbell bench press, dumbbell flye, lat pulldown, biceps curl and barbell bent-over row; second day lower body with leg press, lying leg curl, standing calf raises, seated leg curl and seated calf raise; and third-day rest. You have to repeat this again for the next three days and rest on the seventh day as well.

Three on the Third (Week 3)

In the third week, you will have to have to pull and push your body parts such as chest, triceps, shoulders on the first day. On Day two of the week, you will have to perform the pulling body parts such as back and biceps and abs. On Day three you will need work on the lower body. Day four repeat day one and day five repeat day two. And rest on day seven.

Turning Up the Heat (Week 4)

In last week of the gym workout plan for beginneryou will be doing chest, calves and triceps on day one. Legs and abs on day two and relax on day three. Then shoulder and calves on day four with back, abs and biceps on day five and a bonus of two days of rest for all the hard work done. Now, you are not a beginner anymore!

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