Is Tooth Decay Reversible?

Tooth decay is a common problem that many continue to struggle with in present day despite what may seem as a straightforward prevention plan. Tooth decay happens over time and this is what catches up with many people. It results from a buildup of plaque and other factors which overcome an individual’s effort to maintain dental hygiene. Tooth decay happens when bacteria present in the mouth use the sugar from food eaten to create acids. These acids then attack the teeth’s enamel which is the outer protection for the teeth. On the other hand, minerals found in saliva and fluoride from toothpaste help to replenish the enamel allowing it to heal itself from the acid attacks.

Continuously Exposed Enamel

When the enamel is continuously exposed to the acid attacks frequently that it gets to re-heal itself, tooth decay sets in. Even at this stage, it is possible to reverse the trend by adopting proper dental care practices as well as taking a healthy diet. It is only when the tooth decay is far gone and allowed to destroy much of the enamel that it cannot be reversed. In this case, a cavity ends up being formed on the teeth resulting in the need for tooth removal or use of filings. It is thus much better to seek prevention first rather than fighting the tooth decay much later. It is always a right time to start better dental care practices and improve on your current situation.

Daily Dental Care

The daily practice of brushing at least twice a day and flossing is your best defense against cavities. Flossing gets to the spaces that normal brushing cannot get to and together they help prevent any pile of plaque. You can add an anti-microbial mouthwash to help with reducing the bacteria present in the mouth and prevent the formation of tartar.

Good Diet

A good diet is essential in attaining good dental health. From your diet you get both nutrients that help promote dental health as well as sugars which aid the bacterial action. It is therefore important to avoid sugar rich foods and snacks like confectionaries. Foods high in sugar deteriorate your dental health. Instead, increase foods rich in calcium and vitamin D which help in the development and replenishment of the jaw bone and enamel.

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